domingo, 14 de octubre de 2012

The sweetest thing

I seriously don't know why they call it the Big Apple... New York doesn't "taste" like apples at all, it tastes like sweets! If you don't believe me keep scrolling; you don't imagine the quantity and variety of sweets' shops & bakeries this city has. Not to mention the Starbucks (that you can find every step you take, and I'm not kidding, every new step there's one) and Dunkin Donuts, both also packed with amazing pasteries and hands full of other yammy things. And... I had them all!!! From the Bomboloni donut (187 Columbus Ave. - between 68th and 69th - and apparently one of the best in town) to the Banana Pudding from Magnolia Bakery, and with two-just-to-know-what-they-are fried Oreos in the between, as said before: I had it all!!! And surprisingly haven't gained a kg. Not one!!! But on the other hand I have been dealing with this annoying tooth ache that until today, when I started putting together all my "sweetest" pictures, didn't realize where might have came from...

 Baked by Melissa is all over town and has some amazing mini-cupckaes.


 The orange ones are from carrot and are the best, but all and all they were delicious and because they're so little you can taste several and get the "big picture". 

In the m&m megastore in Times Square you can buy the colorful chocolates directly from the source. 

And in the US they not only have a lot of different colors, they also have different stuffing and flavors.  

In this store there's also a m&m color scan that tells you which is your m&m color, according to your personality and profile... Mine turned out to be GOLD!!!

 Eleni's is a bakery inside the Chelsea Market that, as you can see, is all set and ready for Halloween. 

And although the cupcakes are also very good in here it is best known for it's cookies. This NYC box is just and example of what they can create. The fashion (with stilettos, shades, a little and very cute purse and a lipstick) and the typical girly (with nail polish, a brush, a hair dryer, a mascara and two different sets of eye shadows) are the ones that made this place famous.

 The ceiling from Dylan's Candy Bar (the sweets' shop from Ralph Lauren's daughter) resembles the lollipops with which this store is stuffed...

 Like this one!

 In here you also can buy personalized chocolate bars. Of course I couldn't find my name!!!

And non-personalized ones... 

 And more candy!!!

 And letters made out of jelly!

Chupa-chups directly from Barcelona to NYC! 

Typical american jelly beans with a lot of different tastes... some very unexpected and not so pleasant.
But I love them anyway! 

Of course the stairs had also to be stuffed with sweets!

I hope that after this post your sugar levels didn't spike... And that you can take just a little bit more of sweetness. Friends at the other side of the world, have a sweet sweet monday! Love you all!!!

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  1. Yummm que envidiaaaa.... esos cupcackes a estas horas!!! Me encanta el colorido de éstas fotos! :D