jueves, 25 de octubre de 2012

Simply Murcia

For those of you that fell that it's a lot arrive from NYC and almost immediately go to Bilbao, what would you think and fell if I told you that only two days before I went to NYC I was in Murcia, in another work/pleasure escape?! 

Indeed, at the end of Septmber I was in Murcia for only two days and, once more, I took my camera (my actual camera!) and my fish eye lens with me. Here's the result!

Don Quijote and Sancho Panza painted in a wall of a book shop... To prove that reading can be fun!

Anyway, reading in this city doesn't appear to be a problem at all. Take a look at the beautiful University they have there, one of the best known in Spain.  

I love buildings that look like they were taken out of the 70's and "inserted" in the current times. 

And loved this one as well, although it is a little bit older!

And this is called the Casino but is actually a Museum...  

Perfect entrance for a perfect art déco building.  

This is probably one of my favourite dishes from the Spanish gastronomy. Migas! As a matter of fact this was a perfect lunch. Octopus (aka. my favourite food in the whole world) for starters and Migas as a main course. Yummy!!!

A detail from the side of the Murcia Cathedral...

And the spectacularity of it's main entrance! 

And what about this palm trees made out of iron?! Pretty summery, ideal for a city where it's always Summer (or almost always, because in the days I was there rained like apparently it didn't rain in the past 10 years. Lucky me!!!)

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