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Escape to Bilbao

Only a couple of days after I landed in Madrid coming from New York I had to go back to Barajas Airport... This time around to come to Bilbao. I've been here for the last couple of days and, despite the fact I came to work, I had the chance to see and do a lot and to make the best out of this quick trip. That, of course, was only possible because I had the best guides! And as a sign of my appreciation I dedicate this post to both of you: Shane & Eva. Thanks guys! See you soon... Meanwhile, we always have the pictures of this long sunny weekend in Bilbao.

Before you go any further I have to apologize for the quality of this post's pictures. There's a reason for such poverty... I forgot the battery of my camera charging in Madrid. But because I wanted so badly to show you some images from this beautiful city I took the chance to use my LOMO lens with my HTC mobile and... it worked! Nevertheless, the quality is what you see... Anyway, hope that it's enough to allow you to enjoy this ride!

In Bilbao the plates with the names of the streets are in a colour that was created especially for the city: the Azul Bilbao. 

The fabulous Gehry building that contains part of the Guggenheim collection. Only a week after visiting the New York Museum, here I am, visiting the Bilbao one. How many people in the world can say they had the same privilege?! Not much, I guess!

 Fabulous both outside and inside...

 And here is Puppy, welcoming you and allowing you to guess the kind of work you can find inside. Although it was raining the Museum was full. Mainly because the entrance was for free. Coincidentally the day I chose for my visit was also the 15th birthday of the Museum. In this picture, far at the distance you can see the Iberdrola Tour, the one and only skyscraper of Bilbao. 

 Inside the Museum... As said, fully packed!

In the entrails of Richard Serra work, that fills a great part of the Museum's ground floor. 

The colorful Tulips from Jeff Koons. Love them!!! 

Part of the Koons work and, at the distance, some Kapoor masterpiece.  

The Ría de Bilbao, seen from the inside of the Guggenheim.  

 Almost night and time to see the last few instalations of the Museum, at the outside. And I'm not only referring to the Kapoor's work, also to some fire and smoke instalations that are part of the Museum spoil as well. 

The typical season's mushrooms at the Bilbao main market, aparently one of the biggest in Europe with a Guiness record.  

One of the Bilbao's tube stations. The Bilbao tube is very modern... 

 If you don't believe just take a look at one of it's exits!

Getxo is a balneary just half an hour way from Bilbao, towards north, and the village where wealthy families have their houses and spend Summer.  

 It is also known by it's bridge. The Vizcaya Bridge, projected by a disciple of Eiffel and an UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Getxo totally deserves a visit! That and the top of the Bilbao hill (after a quick trip on the Funicular de Artxanda), where you have magnificent views and where I couldn't take any pictures because my mobile (aka. my camera during this past few days) have died by the time I arrived there. But mind what I tell you, once in Bilbao, don't hesitate going there!

 And to close this post about my quick escape to Bilbao, this joyful image of the Getxo little harbor in a sunny and warm October day! 

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