lunes, 8 de octubre de 2012

Just a regular sidewalk

Yesterday, after the High Line experience I went to look for a Gemeos graffiti in 25th St. Although I wasn't far (the High Line starts on the 11th Ave. with 30th St. and finishes at the 10th Ave. with 12th lower St.), it took me a long time to arrive there because on my way there I stopped every second to photograph these beautiful entrances. They're all in the same sidewalk, a regular sidewalk from NYC, and absolutely breathtaking with their simplicity and unique characteristics. 

Those of my readers that are really my friends - I mean, that actually know me - know that very often, when a see a building (if I wasn't a journalist I would have been an architect, because I love love love buildings) that has something special, I use the following sentence: I would be happy in here. In this case nothing I could say will describe these pictures better... I would be happy in here!

(Well, of course this doesn't "fit" the Fire Station picture but do you see how lovely it looks, painted in red, with the US flag hanged above the gate and those typical fire escape stairs?! I couldn't not put it in here, since it made the whole sidewalk even more special...)

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