miércoles, 29 de mayo de 2013

Camino de Santiago – Day 7
From Arzúa to O Pedrouzo

After the previous journey I was so devastated that I was seriously considering giving up the Santiago Path. And Arzúa would have been a perfect place to do it, because it had an important bus station, where I could easily have catched a bus that would have brought me straight to Madrid, straight home… But I didn’t! The energy I received from the other pilgrims the night before and the strength my family and friends send me over the phone, made me jump from the bed quite early in the next morning and start walking. Step by step, towards Santiago (which, in this point, was only 39 kms ahead).

The weather got better as well and the group was, again, all together. So, between laughs and really amusing conversations, we arrived to O Pedrouzo. This day we only walked 19 kms and had a pilgrims lunch (during the Santiago Path in almost every restaurant you can have the Pilgrims Menu, which include a starter, a main course, a desert and in my case - because I was always the only one drink white wine and never had to share it with anyone else - a full bottle of wine, all for 10 euros) that gave us enough energy (more than enough I would say) to arrive to our last shelter, only 17 kms away from Santiago de Compostela.

The dinner was another high moment from this second to last stage. In the shelter we found César and his mum again and a bunch of new pilgrims (it was the biggest shelter from all and it was full, because everyone thought exactly like us and decided to spend the night in O Pedrouzo before leaving the next morning to Santiago and arrive there at noon, immediately before the Pilgrims Mass, on the Easter Sunday). All together we had a great Carbonara (that I end up cooking, but not only because I like to be in control - which, by the way, I do - but also because I like to share "my talents" with my friends, cooking for all of them was something that made me really happy) and we were drinking and chatting for hours, trying to make the most out of our last minutes in the Camino.

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  1. jajaja. I,m nobody withouth my glass....jajajajaj...jajajaja

  2. And of course...Your Carbonara were great, of course!! They were made with a lot of cariño by the best cooker I met in the Way!!! So they were delicious!!!! ;-) Great moment, my pilgrim friend!!! Ksss