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Camino de Santiago – Day 2
From Pereje to O Cebreiro

The next morning we woke up, not even dressed (because in the “Camino” I learned that it is more practical, and warm, to sleep with the clothes that you want to wear the next day already on), and immediately started walking…

We had only half a stage and knew that we were supposed to climb, but oh boy! what a climb! O Cebreiro is 1.330 metros above the ground level and it was the place where we knew we had to spend the night, nevertheless there were moments during the day when I thought I wouldn’t be able to arrive. But I did, and because they didn’t have a bus stop, I decided to keep walking the morning after. Because if they had one… I’m not going to lie to you, that day was so hard, climbing for 8 hours across the woods and the mud, with non stop rain and my clothes soaking wet, that if arriving to O Cebreiro I would have seen any bus stop I would have jumped on the bus and came home. But it wasn’t and I didn’t! Live has its mysterious reasons.

And it always finds a way to compensate the bad with the good. So, that day, after hours waiting in line to use the dry machine (to dry all – and I mean, ALL – my clothes, in order to take a shower, get read of the soaking wet clothes I had on my body and put on something clean and slightly drier) I finally picked myself up and left to have dinner in one of the cozy restaurants in O Cebreiro. Dinner was a major strength restorer, both because of the delicious food and because of the company. Over dinner we closely met Jaime, Roberto I & II, Silvia, Gonzalo, Guy, Carlos and José Maria. Some of the people that would keep us company until the end of the path!

To see more pictures (without the LOMO fish eye), please check here

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