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Camino de Santiago – Day 1
From Ponferrada to Pereje

This year I decided to go north, to León and Galicia, and experienced some of the treats Spain has to offer and much much more. Not only I wanted to discover more about those two regions, but I also wanted to accomplish a goal: complete part of the Santiago Path in 8 days. And I did it! Here’s a little diary about my life changing experience on this centenary path.

The first day I arrived to Ponferrada, in León, early in the morning. From there to Santiago de Compostela, trough the path there are 208kms. To tell you the truth, the first day was quite easy. I’m used to walk a lot. Plus, my fiend I (which I haven’t seen for some time now) and I had a lot to catch up, so the time flew and step by step, but the lunch time, we arrived to Villafranca del Bierzo. According to my guide, this village (very posh village, to be exact) marked the end of the 23rd stage of the Camino, but we felt pretty o.k. and decided to keep going… just a little bit further, to the next village: Pereje.

The shelter in Pereje was very cute and typical (despite the fact the heat wasn’t working) and we stayed in the same room as some of the people we’ve meet along the way in our first day. All together we had a great dinner in the only bar of the village and exchanged our experiences. 

To see more pictures (without the LOMO fish eye), please check here

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