lunes, 12 de agosto de 2013


The Shibuya crossroad is the epicenter of Tokyo and the biggest crossroad in the world. Per day thousands of people coincide in here. But the most incredible thing is how, when the lights turn green a sea of people start walking from one side to the other, passing only a few centimeters away from another human being that happens to live or to be visiting the world’s largest city, without touching each other. Not even slightly! And the Shibuya crossroad is just another symptom of how Japanese people are: super respectful. For a Portuguese-living-in-Spain-for-a-while, where everyone talks and talks (not to say screams and screams), touches, hugs, collides, crossing in Shibuya meant much more than a simple act of crossing a street. It was over all a great experience! So good that I couldn’t keep myself from crossing again and again, just like a little girl that can’t stop herself from sliding a toboggan. Over and over! 

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