sábado, 27 de julio de 2013


Another reason I went to Paris was to go to Giverny, which the biggest touristic attraction is Monet's former house and garden. 

This little village had been in my “short-list” for a while now and last May I finally had the chance to go there. The time couldn’t be more perfect: May, sunny but not hell warm, Spring, blooming flowers… Or at least so I thought. The flowers were blooming (luckily!) but the weather was far from being perfect. Nevertheless visiting Monet’s charming house and his garden was still amazing. Despite the rain, walking among the colorful tulips, orchids, and other flowers (please, don’t ask me to name more, I’m Portuguese not British, so not so much into gardening) was idyllic. I wonder how it will be to do the same when it is sunny. It must feel pretty much liking having died and being in heaven. 

It was the most beautiful garden I have ever been in (even more beautiful than the Bothanical Garden in Rio de Janeiro, and I really liked that a lot… Even more than the Marjorelle Garden that, as you can see in here, is pretty awesome). And what to say about the fact that it was the source of inspiration for one of my favorite paintings, the Water Lilies?! 

So, it is a highly recommended experience. And even if the picking of the day might come as a lottery, and the real water lilies might be dry already, I can guarantee Le Pont Japonais will always be there and will look gorgeous any how.

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