miércoles, 20 de marzo de 2013

And talking about fashion…

On the third week of February all the fashionistas in Madrid dressed their favorite clothes (or the most original, judging on what we saw…) and they all left their flats everyday in a row during an entire week heading to the same place: IFEMA. MBFWM was the reason!

I myself did that route with my motorbike (and with the cold winter wind hurting my face while driving at 90km/h in the highway) a couple of times during that week. And it was totally worth it! I actually wished I could have visited it more times, got in to more shows, dressed more originally but my every day work didn’t allow me. So these are the conclusions and the photos I was able to take…

The designers showing in the Ego space (only for the young talents) really surprised me this time, specially Dragomir Krasimirov, River William, Victor von Schwarz and, of course, my friend Maria Roch. Either them or their creations really struck me amongst the 20 very talented and promising designers from Ego.

From the shows, David Delfín was the most impressive, with barely any colors but a notorious richness in what concerns to shapes and… some very original and cool handbags. If you want to see it for yourself, take a look! Overall, there were a couple of hours (in different days) very well spent. But, because I only took my camera once, (and excuse me for being tendentious!) I only photographed Maria and her clothes, if you want to see more from MBFWM I suggest you visit Sarah’s blog because she was there with me and, as you can see, didn’t miss a detail.

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