lunes, 18 de febrero de 2013


I arrived to Zurich from Luzern in one of those sharp as only a Swiss clock can be trains, after having spend one day in this city that everybody says is the most beautiful from Switzerland.

The truth is that it is nice, and I really had a great time there with Patrick and his friends that I met some month ago in one Summer night in here, but once again: it looks (and feel) more like a village than like a city. The good news is that, due to its size, Luzern is very easy to visit. And my time there felt more like a relaxed day with friends walking around a city that could be my own, tasting cheese in the local market, talking about nothing in special and visiting exhibitions in the KKL (the modern art museum designed by Jean Nouvel), than a touristic day. The night I arrived we even went to a concert in Sedel, a former women jail converted in concerts house in the 80’s. This place is where the youth rebellion used to go and, although it lost a bit of its idealism, it's still the club where mums apparently don't want to let their kids go. Good thing mine was far away in Portugal!!! But because she reads this blog, and for everyone’s sake, I must say: nowadays Sedel is a place where concerts from Ska to Britpop go on and the night I was there it was totally calm and totally fun. It is a bit far away from city center (and like trains and buses, caps in Switzerland aren’t cheap) but it is totally worth it.

Another high moment was crossing the Chapel Bridge, the oldest wood bridge in Europe. It was built in 14th century as a protection for the city, but unfortunately the bridge I crossed in November is not the original one, since the ancient one burned down on 18th August 1993. Nevertheless, the authorities rebuild it very fast and the tower, used as oubliette, is still the original one. It's very amusing walking over the Chapel Bridge not only for it’s historical meaning but also because you can see about 100 pictures of life in the 12th century city of Luzern, some of them showing how the city used to be; almost like a Venice in Central Europe!

Next time I will be in Luzern has also to be in Summer, not only to take a dip in the swimming pools (in Luzern they have very similar swimming pools to the ones in Zurich, although they’re less) or in the lake, but also to ascend Mount Pilatus, the mountain overlooking the city. Its peak can be reached by the world's steepest cogwheel railway from Alpnachstad (that doesn’t operate in wintertime) or by cable-car and everyone says this trip is definitely a must do and that it gives you a good impression of a wild and rocky peak with a marvelous view to the "real" Alps.  Suggestive, isn’t it?!

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  1. Me encantan las ciudades-pueblo! Qué bonito es Lucerna nena, y cuando vuelvas, en verano, nada de coger buses y trenes, en bici a todas partes! es un lujo...

  2. A mí las ciudades pequeñas no me hacen tanta gracias. Se nota, no?! Pero la verdad es que Lucerna es bonita, con su puente de madera y sus mercados de quesos!