viernes, 21 de septiembre de 2012

And now... a taste of Portugal!

Just one hour drive away from Lisbon, your find these rocks. They’re called “Boca do Inferno” because on the days the Atlantic is “angry” the sound of the sea heating the rocks is so laud and frightening that people associate it with the way they imagine the entrance of hell might look and sound like. The day this picture was taken it couldn’t be calmer!

A bit more north is Cabo da Roca, the most occidental cape of Europe. 

Sintra is, perhaps, the most charming village in the whole country. No wonder kings and queens, painters and writers choose to live here. 

Sintra is also known for it’s micro-weather, but this time around we were super lucky and it was sunny and flowery. 

The village centre palace… amazing with it’s chimneys. 

The surfers in Praia Grande.

And the skimboarders…

This is a sport that I will surely learn next time I will be in Portugal for an OK amount of time. Love it! Looks easy, fun and wet (I love to be in the water, when I was little I used to spend so much time in the water that after a while my fingertips became wrinkled)... 

Getting ready for the best sunset of Summer. Great company, music, drinks and that sun going down that I will never forget, no matter how many years I spend abroad, no matter how many sunsets I will see: in London, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, New York… even in Ibiza. Nothing is compared to that. The sunset that marked every end of summer day since my childhood. (When I was little, from the balcony of my father parent’s house you could see these same sunsets, every afternoon. While the sun was going down my mum used to call me and send me to shower and for me not to take a lot showering she used to say “let’s see who showers first, you or the sun!” Because of this, since my childhood, every time the sun sets in the sea I think “now it will shower!)

Didn’t I say so?! Better, much much better than Ibiza!

miércoles, 19 de septiembre de 2012

"Um Lugar Encantado" (An Enchanted Place)

All my life I have spend Summer in the same place. Not all the Summer, but every Summer. At least for some days. There were years when I barely put my feet there (like last year!), but this year I’ve been there for almost the entire month of August. It was the longest I spent there since I moved abroad. But it was absolutely necessary. I missed my childhood beach, my friends, those party nights with caipirinhas that cost only 3 … And most of all, I missed doing nothing. Just laying there and feel the water drops dry out alone. This feeling, of your body slowly getting dry and warm, is for me one of the best feelings in the entire world. And, despite the fact you can get it in any beach of the world, believe me when I say that in “my beach” it feels different. The Atlantic see is so cold that this feeling of slowly getting warmer is highly appreciated. Also it is so salty that, when you completely dry out, you have this round spots left by the salty sea drops. I love it! And truly miss it all year long! Next Summer I guess I won’t spend a lot of time in Portugal (I’m planning a big trip to China, so… no time for “Portugaling”) but, meanwhile, I can always remember my Summer’12 in Santa Cruz. 

This time, no more words are necessary. Love can't be described! It was a perfect Summer. Thanks to everyone featured in the pictures and see you soon... in Santa Cruz!

lunes, 17 de septiembre de 2012

Lisbon seen as a tourist... through a fish eye

When we think about a hole we automatically picture something big, huge, like a black hole, for instance… but, seriously, how many holes do you know that are actually big?! None. They do hide a promise of something big, but that is an other different story. Like a needle hole, which is probably the smallest hole of all, but without which we couldn’t produce a single piece of clothing, or any of those marvellous garments that every six months we see going down the runways. Or a key hole, that once unlocked reveals rooms and tells us stories of different people and times. Holes are important but rarely big enough to fit a whole bunch of stuff inside. Nevertheless, this hole can fit the entire world inside. Different cities, exotic food, great fashion, the work of amazing artists… Bottom line: is a hole that fits every thing. Some things more serious than others but, hopefully, all amusing.

This hole is also the way I found to avoid being banned from the life (and Facebook) of some of my friends. All because lately I’ve developed this obsession with my LOMO fish eye lens and the amount of fish eye pictures I upload already led some of them to communicate me that either I stop or they will be forced to ignore me from now on. But because I love the way life can be seen through a fish eye and so do a whole bunch of other friends I decided to create this new blog. Promise not to upload a single fish eye picture anymore to my social networks, but on the other hand I invite all my friends, and friends of my friends, and people that don’t even have a six grades separation between them and myself (which, according to Kevin Bacon, isn’t possible, because apparently everyone has a six grade separation between themselves and the rest of the human beings in the world!) to visit my hole.  

And, for starters, I can’t think of a better way to welcome you all than by showing you my city, the lovely Lisbon, through my fish eye! Enjoy! 

Beautiful Lisbon’ sights hand painted by local artists

Playing guitar at “mirador de Alfama”

Santo Antonio… from Lisbon, not from Padua! He is the patron saint from Lisbon and from those engaged to be married. Tradition says that he blesses all unions, that’s why a lot of people choose to get married on the 13th of June, his days and also the day when people from Lisbon celebrate the city festival. It’s also the best date to visit Lisbon! To know with whom you will marry on the night of the 12nd of June you should fill a bowl with water and on several little pieces of paper write the name of those you think could be a perfect match for you. Roll them and put them inside the bowl, and the bowl under your bed. On the next morning, the piece of paper that is more open reveals the name of your better-half. Will you try it out next year?! You don’t have anything to lose and it might actually be funny.

One of the Rossio’s fountains

The left-overs from the Lisbon festival! They were still there in August since the past 13th of June…

A refreshing White Sangria, with peppermint leaves and cucumber, and one of the best views from the São Jorge castle hill

I said so… indeed, one of the best views!

Some delicious Portuguese food: bifanas, peixinhos da horta, queijinhos frescos… I name them in Portuguese so, next time you’ll be in Lisbon, you know what to order. Yummy!!!

Terreiro do Paço. The view to the other side (to what’s on my back) is actually greater, but I won't reveal it… Why don’t you book a trip to Lisbon and find it for yourself?!

Julia and me, enjoying Lisbon as tourists. Amaaaaaaaaaazing all the stuff you discover when you look at your city as if it was the first time!