viernes, 21 de septiembre de 2012

And now... a taste of Portugal!

Just one hour drive away from Lisbon, your find these rocks. They’re called “Boca do Inferno” because on the days the Atlantic is “angry” the sound of the sea heating the rocks is so laud and frightening that people associate it with the way they imagine the entrance of hell might look and sound like. The day this picture was taken it couldn’t be calmer!

A bit more north is Cabo da Roca, the most occidental cape of Europe. 

Sintra is, perhaps, the most charming village in the whole country. No wonder kings and queens, painters and writers choose to live here. 

Sintra is also known for it’s micro-weather, but this time around we were super lucky and it was sunny and flowery. 

The village centre palace… amazing with it’s chimneys. 

The surfers in Praia Grande.

And the skimboarders…

This is a sport that I will surely learn next time I will be in Portugal for an OK amount of time. Love it! Looks easy, fun and wet (I love to be in the water, when I was little I used to spend so much time in the water that after a while my fingertips became wrinkled)... 

Getting ready for the best sunset of Summer. Great company, music, drinks and that sun going down that I will never forget, no matter how many years I spend abroad, no matter how many sunsets I will see: in London, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, New York… even in Ibiza. Nothing is compared to that. The sunset that marked every end of summer day since my childhood. (When I was little, from the balcony of my father parent’s house you could see these same sunsets, every afternoon. While the sun was going down my mum used to call me and send me to shower and for me not to take a lot showering she used to say “let’s see who showers first, you or the sun!” Because of this, since my childhood, every time the sun sets in the sea I think “now it will shower!)

Didn’t I say so?! Better, much much better than Ibiza!

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